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The Best Hostels in Lisbon: Top-Rated Stays In Portugal’s Capital

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Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal’s vibrant capital, a city that attracts digital nomads, solo travelers, party hostel enthusiasts, and backpackers alike. With its rich history, charming neighborhoods, and breathtaking views of the Tagus River, Lisbon offers an irresistible blend of culture and fun while also standing out as one of the more affordable destinations in Western Europe.

Being the popular destination that it is, Lisbon offers a huge array of exceptional hostels that cater to various preferences and budgets. With meticulous research being a hallmark of my travel planning, I’ve curated this list of the very best hostels in Lisbon. These accommodations consistently earn rave reviews from travelers and friends alike. Each of these hostels has ratings above 9 on Hostelworld, 8.9+ on, and an impressive 4.5+ on Google.

I recently had an amazing time at Good Morning Solo Traveler Hostel (more on that later)

Quick list of the Best Hostels in Lisbon

Direct Links to Hostel Websites; Hostelworld Links Provided Where Website Unavailable

& because I just LOVE google maps for planning a trip, you can find all of these hostels on a map here.

Pro Tip

Before booking any accommodation, always check prices on Hostelworld,, and the hostel’s own website! Often times it can be cheaper to book directly, but if not much of a difference, I will book on either of those two platforms to keep all my bookings in one place. For my Lisbon stay I did score the best deal by booking directly with Good Morning Solo Travel Hostel!

Why Choose Hostels

Hostels offer more than just a place to rest your head at night; they provide a unique social atmosphere that encourages interaction among travelers from all corners of the globe. Unlike traditional hotels, hostels often feature communal spaces such as lounges, kitchens, and outdoor areas where guests can mingle, share stories, and even plan adventures together.

This sense of community fosters friendships and creates memorable experiences that go beyond typical tourist encounters. Additionally, hostels are budget-friendly options, making them ideal for backpackers and budget-conscious travelers looking to stretch their euros further without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


Best Areas to Stay in Lisbon

The hostels on my list are mainly centered around Baixa, you cannot go wrong staying at accommodation in this part of the city as it is within walking distance to all of the popular neighborhoods.

Baixa: Known for its central location and bustling streets, Baixa is perfect for travelers who want easy access to Lisbon’s top attractions, including Praça do Comércio and Rossio Square. This area is filled with charming cafes, historic landmarks, and vibrant shopping districts.

Bairro Alto: If you’re seeking a lively nightlife scene and trendy bars, Bairro Alto is the place to be. This bohemian neighborhood comes alive after dark, offering a plethora of entertainment options for night owls and party enthusiasts.

Alfama: With its narrow cobblestone streets and ancient architecture, Alfama exudes old-world charm and medieval allure. This historic district is home to São Jorge Castle, Fado houses, and panoramic viewpoints that offer breathtaking views of the city.

Chiado: As Lisbon’s cultural hub, Chiado boasts a diverse array of theaters, museums, and art galleries. This upscale neighborhood is also renowned for its designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and elegant architecture, making it a favorite among discerning travelers.

Cais do Sodré: Situated along the waterfront, Cais do Sodré is a vibrant district known for its eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and music venues. From fresh seafood markets to lively street parties, this lively neighborhood offers something for everyone, day or night.

Detailed Rundown of the Best Hostels in Lisbon

1. Good Morning Solo Traveler Hostel

Location: Baixa

Why I Loved It: Good Morning Solo Traveler Hostel was a blast! It’s super easy to make new friends in their vibrant social areas, at breakfast (omg the waffles!) and the amazing happy hour. Plus, it’s close to all the action.

2. HOME Lisbon Hostel

Location: Baixa

Why You’ll Love It: Looking for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere? HOME Lisbon Hostel feels like, well, home! The staff is incredibly friendly, and they host delightful family-style dinners every evening. It’s the perfect place to bond with fellow travelers.

3. Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Location: Baixa

Why You Should Stay: Yes! Lisbon Hostel is the epitome of funky and fun. The lively decor and vibrant vibe make it perfect for travelers seeking a lively atmosphere. Don’t miss their legendary pub crawls!

4. We Love F Tourists

Location: Baixa

Why It’s Awesome: The name says it all – “We Love F Tourists”! This hostel is all about embracing travelers and making them feel at home. With its central location, you’ll have Lisbon’s top attractions at your doorstep.

5. Living Lounge Hostel

Location: Baixa

Why It’s Special: Living Lounge Hostel is a boutique hostel that feels like a piece of art. The decor is both eclectic and enchanting, and they host events like wine tastings and fado nights.

6. Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Location: Baixa

Why You’ll Dig It: Lisbon Lounge Hostel offers a historic ambiance with its tall ceilings and wooden floors. The communal lounge area is fantastic for mingling, and they often organize group dinners and walking tours.

7. Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel

Location: Chiado

Why It’s a Must-Visit: Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel strikes the perfect balance between cozy and lively. If you want to dive into Lisbon’s nightlife, you’re in the right place – it’s nestled next to the Bairro Alto district.

Tips for Booking Hostels

Plan Ahead: Hostel availability can vary, especially during peak travel seasons. To secure your preferred dates and accommodations, it’s advisable to book your hostel well in advance.

Read Reviews: Before making a reservation, take the time to read reviews from previous guests. This will give you valuable insights into the hostel’s cleanliness, amenities, atmosphere, and overall guest experience.

Consider Location: When choosing a hostel, consider its location in relation to your planned activities and transportation options. Opting for a centrally located hostel can save you time and money on commuting.

Compare Prices: Shop around and compare prices from different booking platforms. My favorites are and Hostel World, but don’t forget to also check the hostels own website if they have one. It can often be the best deal to book direct!

Look for Discounts: Many hostels offer discounts for booking directly through their website or for extended stays. Keep an eye out for special promotions and deals to maximize your savings.

private room at Goodmorning Hostel
view from the balcony

There you have it, your gateway to Lisbon’s best hostels!

Each of these hostels offers a unique experience, from vibrant social scenes to relaxed vibes. I’m a firm believer that where you stay can make or break your trip, and with this list of top-rated hostels, your Lisbon adventure is off to a fantastic start. You can’t go wrong booking your stay at any of these options. Next time I go back to this fantastic city, you will find me staying at one of these. Lisbon is calling!!

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